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Do you provide customized Training courses?

Yes! We specialize in working closely with our clients in arranging customized courses aimed at maximum value addition for our clients. 

What currency would you charge for international course?

We charge in PKR currency for the convenience of our clients. This is to avoid the complications and time lag associated with making internationally payments.

What platforms are used for virtual training courses?

The platforms may vary depending upon the convenience of the client and trainer. We have in the past conducted training programs Zoom, Webinar, Microsoft Teams. 

What mode of payments are accepted by your company?

We accept payments through cheques only. 

How are examination conducted for Certification programs?

Examination are arranged by Alliance training LLP in coordination with certification body. Due to Covid 19, online examinations are undertaken. 

Have Physical trainings commenced ?

Depends on the trainer of the course and our clients. If requested by the client we are open to arrange physical trainings as well. However, the client would have to taken resposnibility with regards to local Covid protocols. 

Are charges for training programs consistent?

Charges for training programs differ depending upon the contents of the course, the duration of the course, and certification body etc. 

How much time is needed to conduct a training program?

We are convenient with a time window of two weeks to arrange a training program. However, some programs may require more time especially certification programs. 

What consultancy services are offered?

We offer a range of consultancy services from research and analytics, industry services & facilitation etc. 

What services does your engineering consultancy offer?

We provide comprehensive engineering consulting services across various industries.

How experienced is your team of engineers?

Our team consists of highly experienced and skilled engineers with a diverse range of expertise.

Can you assist with project management and planning?

Yes, we offer project management and planning services to ensure successful project execution.

Do you provide feasibility studies for engineering projects?

Yes, we conduct thorough feasibility studies to assess the viability of engineering projects.

Are you knowledgeable about regulatory compliance requirements?

Yes, we have in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance in various industries.

Can you assist with environmental impact assessments?

Yes, we conduct environmental impact assessments to evaluate the potential environmental effects of projects.

Can you help with energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives?

Certainly, we offer expertise in energy efficiency and sustainable engineering practices.

Do you provide risk assessment and management services?

Yes, we offer comprehensive risk assessment and management services to mitigate project risks.

Can you assist with infrastructure design and development?

we have extensive experience in infrastructure design and development projects.

Are you proficient in using advanced engineering software and tools?

Yes, our team is proficient in using state-of-the-art engineering software and tools.

Can you help with technical due diligence for mergers and acquisitions?

Yes, we provide technical due diligence services to assess the technical aspects of potential mergers and acquisitions.

Can you assist with cost estimation and budgeting for engineering projects?

Certainly, we have expertise in cost estimation and budgeting for engineering projects.

Do you offer expert legal services for legal cases involving engineering matters?

Yes, we provide expert services to support legal cases related to engineering issues.